Book "Miscellenia" by R.Ćirić

Book "Miscellenia" by R.Ćirić

PRINT  color, two-sided.

MATERIAL  internal 80g/m2 paper, hard covers.

BINDING  binder.

VOLUME  394 pages including cover sheets.

FORMAT  210x293mm, from cover to cover thickness 25mm.


A CD which contains an animated film, music, music videos and documents. Glasses for 3D effects.

Price: 5500 dinars (sales tax and delivery on territory of Serbia is included).

Details concerning the book and ordering terms in Serbia and abroad

Book "Miscellenia" by Rastko Ćirić

Dear all, you may browse through a part of the book on this page, read the resume and a short biography of Rastko Ćirić, and find all information related to methods of payment and delivery.


A selection of twenty pages in front of you presents the book MISCELLENIA, which contains a 350 pages collection of RASTKO CIRIC’s selected works started from his childhood drawings to the ones made before his 50th birthday. Everything started in the year 1957 when, as a two-year old child, he was able to grab a pencil with his hand. The works were presented chronologically, so this book has become a multicoloured mixture of all the disciplines and media he has been involved with during many years. The "major" and "minor", expensive and free, "important" and "unimportant" project have been mixed here. Some people may find it unusual to see an illustration, a trade mark, a graphic print, a typeface design, animated film and a music sheet all put together, but they really were created that way, at the same time. The diversity of techniques, disciplines, approaches and styles comes from his conviction that each problem has its own internal logic which dictates the way of solving it.

This is a very a personal choice of works which the author for some reason found interesting, good or characteristic for a particular period of his life or work.


ABOUT RASTKO ĆIRIĆ (1955, Belgrade, Serbia). Full Time Professor of Illustration and Animation at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Chief of the Digital Arts Group at the Interdisciplinary PhD Studies of the University of Arts in Belgrade. Works on illustration, graphic design, animation and music. Author of 14 animated films. (…Tango Ragtime, Tower of Bababel, Ogres and Bogies, Farty, Metamorph, Fantasmagorie 2008). Presented 36 one-man exhibitions. Designed over 250 logos. Published some twenty illustrated books. Collaborates with Politikin Zabavnik magazine since 1986; a few years has illustrated for the New York Times Book Review. Member of ULUPUDS, ASIFA, The Belgrade Ex-libris Circle and Art Directors Club Serbia.


Price: 5500 dinars (sales tax and delivery on territory of Serbia is included)

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