• PRESENTATION is a specially devoted time for you where you have the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the way the firm functions and with the complete offer of products and services of the firm.
You have the opportunity to become familiar with over 400 different products and services which we have standardized to date and successfully placed on the market.
If you are interested in organizing a presentation with us or your business partners, contact us and schedule a date.

• DESIGN refers, in the broadest sense, to the graphical, functional, and selling solution of your printed material.
You have an idea and you are not sure how to turn it into a reality.
You do not have an idea but you identify a necessity.
An educated and experiences team of designers are available to you.
We have 13 years of experience.
Also, we have time to spare for you.
Display your ideas and suggestions and achieve a conceptual project with us.
The design is an interactive process with you in which you provide guidance via email or by personal attendance until the solution is accepted.
We provide you open files on DVDs or via email.
Preparation and design done by us stays in your possession perminantly.

• FREE TRIAL SAMPLE is given to you upon completion of design done by us or directly from the file that you brought for print.
Our realization commences upon approval and signing of the trial sample.
You may acquire the material at our printshop or we can deliver it FREE of charge at a desired address.
We care about you and we value your time.

• GRAPHICAL PRODUCTION entails the realization of the idea created in an electronic form up to the real tangible product.
The possibilities are endless here, and we are here to offer you the best combination of materials, type of print and finishing which will complete your product and give it the best esthetic, functional, and economic aspect.

• PREPARATION FOR PRINTING entails adjusting the design to printing and finishing requirements.
We will mend your files for graphical production or we well consult you or show you how to do it yourself. 

• DIGITAL SHEET PRINT aims to achieve, with speed and quality, a medium and large quantity of color print on a sheet of maximum dimensions of 320 mm x 488 mm.
A minimum quantity of a single sample may be printed on the SAME DAY on a wide selection of paper and PVC materials.
This type of print is ideal for business cards, fliers, folders, invitation cards, diplomas, bags, CD/DVD labels, and boxes, packaging material, and a number of other products.
You may significantly decrease the warehouse storage expenses of printed materials by printing a job at the time when you need a certain quantity.
The time required for realization is within 24 hours.
You can wait in our pleasant ambiance for your job to be completed.
You may take a look at the products from the digital sheet print assortment on the PRODUCTS page.
We will gladly meet your needs and requirements.

• WIDE FORMAT PRINT is conducted via digital ink–jet UV printers from a roll on various materials of maximum width of 320 cm.
The fundamental purpose of this type of print is for large format products such as banners, roll-ups, floor and wall graphics, vehicle graphics, etc.
The time necessary for realization of these products is in the function of the magnitude of your requirement.
You may take a look at the products from the wide format print on the PRODUCTS page.
Call us so that we can together create a plan.

• TRANSACTIONAL PRINT entails application of a variable data printing relative to packing of bank statements and currency transactions.
High data security and production process standards enable safe printing, packing, and distribution of your database applied on variable documents via JP PTT (Postal Service) of Serbia through our Mailing Center.
The Mailing Center is equipped with color and black & white digital variable printers.
We will gladly present to you this type of our service if you or your company needs to print bills, statements, memorandums, dunning letters, claims, or any other type of formal communication with users or business partners.
In such a way, you may achieve a concurrent solution for realization, packing and delivery of these types of documents.

• “DIRECT MAILING” is a tool for direct marketing which encompasses matching of variable data (words, pictures) according to given criteria, as well as printing with packing of personalized offers in full color.
Direct marketing is new to our market which gives phenomenal results in feedback information and customer response.
The strength of direct marketing lies in the ability of the content of the offer to adjust to a familiar user.
The envelope content may vary depending on your ideas and it presumes printing of personalized letters (leaflets, brochures) packed in an envelope.
There is also the option of matching personalized forms (letter), bills and fliers simultaneously.

• ENVELOPING is an automated process of packing and pairing of printed material in envelopes of various dimensions.

• DISTRIBUTION of personalized envelopes is conducted via JP PTT (Postal Service) to all addresses throughout Serbia.
Distribution towards users abroad is conducted via direct export of packaged material up to the post office of the destination country.
Classification of envelopes during packing is tailored to your requirements and to the standards of JP PTT of Serbia.

• FINISHING PROCESSES, APPLICATION AND ASSEMBLY are our services which presume all types of finishing processes for products of digital sheet print (cutting, plastification, lamination, various types of binding, scoring, perforation, etc.), and for products from the wide format print assortment (strengthening by welding, creating a "sleeve", covering, lamination, setting of frames, etc.), by the turn-key system.

• FIELD ASSEMBLY SERVICES offer you the possibility of applying printed material at a designated location.
This type of service is mainly utilized for products pertaining to wide format print – pasting of foils, mounting of banners, boards and vehicle graphics.

• DELIVERY presumes FREE delivery materials to a desired address in Serbia.
If you require this type of service, it is essential that you submit your data, contact phone, desired address, and delivery date upon job ordering.